Creating GIFs – Learn How

The method of creating a GIF in Microsoft Paint is fairly simple.

1. The first step is to open a Microsoft Paint screen on the desktop.
2. Using the accessories, an image can be created on screen.
3. The ‘Save As’ option in the File Menu provides the option of saving the file to the desired location on the desktop.
4. Under the ‘Save as Type’ option the image file can be saved by choosing the “GIF” option.

This seems like a fairly easy option to exercise to create a GIF image.

However, there are other options to create animated GIFs and videos with and without the aid of Photoshop. In short, they are useful tools to create animated GIFs.

Using Photoshop to create animated GIF

Gather all the created images in a separate folder. By using the following steps in sequence they can be uploaded in Photoshop. Click

• File to open,
• Scripts,
• Load Files into Stack,
• Browse to choose the files,
• OK.

At the end of this sequence of steps, Photoshop creates a separate layer for every individual image selected. If, however, there is no series of images to use, Photoshop can be used to create every frame as a layered animated GIF from saved JPEGs or PNGs.

To do this, the following steps can be used:

• Select ‘Timeline’ option in the ‘Window’ navigation
• When the Timeline icon appears at the bottom of the screen, Click on the ‘Create Frame Animation’
• Select all layers to be animated
• On the right of the Timeline screen click the ‘Menu’ icon which brings a dropdown menu
• Click ‘Create new layer for each frame’
• Click the same right icon ‘Menu’ and choose option ‘Make frames from layers’. Each layer is now a GIF frame.
• The timing for each frame to appear can be chosen from selection under each frame. By doing this for each of the frames, you can increase or decrease length of animation.
The animated GIF is ready and can be previewed by pressing the ‘Play’ button.
• For online use, save file by using the ‘Save for Web’ option.
• The animated GIF can be uploaded into any file where it needs to be inserted and it will play seamlessly.