I Create, Devils Or Angels

We all need to create, that is a basic human nature. It drives us to have children, to improve the quality of our life, to build things or a business, to have a home and decorate it in a certain way, to have a garden, or any way in which you do things to transform one thing into something different.

If you think and do nothing, then your thoughts are just worthless dreams. But if you think, get ideas in your mind, then build or do them in the material world, then and only then can you claim that ‘to think is to create.’ Everyone else is a lost dreamer who will achieve nothing.

The hard part is in waiting to be ready before you create anything, to work on yourself, refine and perfect yourself as best as you can, and when you are ready, only then to begin creating.

It takes time for a human being to refine and mature to be safe as a creator because if you are not developed enough and ready, your creations could be harmful, dangerous or evil. The child wants to drive a car at six years old, but that is too dangerous. Regardless of our age or perceived capacity, we must accept the reality of our current individual level of development to determine if we are ready to create before we do.

Whatever it may be, are you ready to create that which you wish to create? Only by having the patience and putting in the effort to become ready can you guarantee that your creations will be successful and beneficial to the world and yourself in a positive way. This is why many people feel or are told they have great talent but fail to succeed in their field. They believed they could create at the highest quality level before they were ready, and failed. This caused discouragement and they gave up their motivation or hope and enthusiasm for life. Many people could have been great musicians, artists or business owners if they only spent more time cultivating their skills and personality before they challenged the world prematurely and failed.